Shortest Path Analysis of Large Networks by SQL and PL/SQL – Intro

This is an introduction to an article, Shortest Path Analysis of Large Networks by SQL and PL/SQL, on the use of SQL and PL/SQL to solve shortest path network problems on an Oracle database. It provides solutions in pure SQL (based on previous articles by the author), and solutions in PL/SQL with embedded SQL that scale better for larger problems.

It applies the solutions to a range of problems, upto a size of 2,800,309 nodes and 109,262,592 links.

Standard and custom methods for execution time profiling of the code are included, and one of the algorithms implemented in PL/SQL is tuned based on the profiling.

The two PL/SQL entry points have automated unit tests using the Math Function Unit Testing design pattern, Trapit – Oracle PL/SQL unit testing module.

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All code and examples are available on GitHub.

There is a series of mp4 recordings, in the mp4 folder on GitHub, briefly going through the sections of the blog post, which can also be viewed via Twitter:

Twitter Recordings


The contents of the article are listed below.

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